Te está chupando un huevo (I don't give a damn)


With the aim of bringing the brand closer to a younger audience by placing people of both sexes between 18 and 35 years of medium-low socioeconomic status at the center of communication.


The decision was made to open the campaign in two parts; one with the traditional communication of the jackpot to be drawn and the communication of the prizes; on the other hand a branding campaign with the use of the popular phrase "te está chupando un huevo" on funny situations and very close to the target audience.


Achieve high coverage rates and frequency to generate the desired proximity between brand and target audience.


The media plan included the following systems:

  1. Open TV with the use of Telefe (Channel 11) and Channel 9 channel.
  2. Cable TV using sports and news signals, which are the ones with the greatest penetration in the target audience and provide a good arrival in the provinces of the country.
  3. Local TV (in different provinces) focusing on the channels of greatest coverage in each of the places, to ensure a good arrival nationwide.
  4. Outdoor advertising, strategic positions were selected to reinforce communication.


The results of the campaigns exceeded the objectives set by far: the impact of the campaign had reached unexpected levels and had a viral spread of spots in social networks and WhatsApp, as 37% of the target audience saw the commercial for the first time in social networks, meaning that the percentage of the contacts was achieved in an organic way at a media cost of $ 0' which increased the arrival to the target audience, bringing the brand closer and relating it to them.

The commercial was viewed for the first time by:

The commercial was seen for the first time in:

  • 63% on Channel 9 or Telefe (Channel 11)
  • 17% on WhatsApp
  • 12% on YouTube
  • 8% on Facebook

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