Each person is a world of their own


An all-encompassing campaign on all channels, on the same day, at the same time, across the country, keeping it all under strict confidentiality to achieve the desired result—to stun everyone and make Personal the talk of the town.


The media strategy we implemented for the launch of Personal was meant to embrace the concept behind the campaign on parallel platforms, spreading logo diversity and the notion that "Each person is a world of their own." We managed to communicate that concept of diversity, and transmit a sense of synchronicity on all media platforms, using differing formats in each case.


Personal puts people first, in the belief that "Each person is a world of their own." Drawing on logo diversity, we set out to leverage different media channels to publicize this campaign.


The plan was to tap into all existing media: Outdoor advertising: 14,665 elements. TV 166,755 seconds. PRINT 230 ads. INTERNET 149,565,000 impressions. RADIO 560, 812 seconds.


In just 1 month, the public showed good recall of and a positive response to the change in image. We attained great levels in terms of brand recall, branding, positive response, and understanding. Campaign performance outdid that of our competitors in all media.

We think Latin America from Latin America.


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